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May 2003
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  Advantage art
  John Bourne outlines some of the advantages of painting  
The Milk Float, oil, by John Bourne
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One of the 3 basic arts; Literature, Painting and Music.


Children paint.

Simple Equipment.

There is only the brush between the artist and the work.

Maximum control over the medium.

Not restricted to particular actors etc.

Most conceptual works could be expressed as paintings.

The artist's ideas and feelings are in the paint.

Can be done by a single person.

Still, therefore a good object for contemplation.

A lot can be said in the space of a single painting.

A painting contains a whole world.

A painting resembles the thing it represents.

Painting is a universal language.

Does not require a symbolic notation.

Does not have to be performed.

Occupies the minimum of space.

Can be reproduced photographically.


Tried and tested.


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