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Please note that articles appear when the occasion demands, rather than on a regular basis.
People on Public Transport by Marco Arcidiacono (one of the artists in the Wrexham Stuckists Exhibition)


Grosvenor Open
The 11th Grosvenor Museum Open Exhibition
Wrexham Arts and Crafts Collective
First Summer Exhibition of the new Wrexham Arts and Crafts Collective (WA+CC)
Charity Exhibition
Exhibition and Sale for Alzheimer's
Llandrindod Wells Art Club
Elfyn Jones
Elfyn Jones exhibiting at the Cambrian Academy
The Stuckists
The controversial art group at the View Two Gallery, Liverpool
Four Wrexham Artists
Clemencia Becerra, John Bourne, Geraint Dodd and Elfyn Jones
Please contribute to this discussion on colour
Oh! What A Night
Anthony Jones writes about his residency at the Wrexham Arts Centre
Three Wrexham Artists
John Bourne, Geraint Dodd and Elfyn Jones
Featured Artist
Philip Cassidy, Action Painter
Origin of Conceptual Art
David Bailey continues his discussion of Conceptual Art
Featured Artist
Denise Connell from Llanelli
Featured Artist
Research on Artists
Artists wanted
Wrexham Stuckists Exhibition
Details of the exhibition at Oswestry
Faces Dreaming of Nature by Jacqueline Jones
John Bourne outlines reasons to paint
Junior School art
Youngsters display their paintings
A Meeting in the Hills by Eric Bourne
Talking Art
Interview with John Bourne
Beech Trees by David Bailey
Talking Art
Interview with Neil Robertson
Stuckism: Paint before Concept
John Bourne on the Wrexham Stuckists
Early Issues
View some of the above topics as they first came out

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