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  A Charity Exhibition

  PLEASE NOTE: THIS EXHIBITION IS NO LONGER CURRENT. This is a charity art exhibition and sale, in Margam Park Orangery on Oct 3 at 2.30pm-4.30pm.

More than 100 new artworks from Wales and all over the UK will be on show, in media as diverse as clay, metal, watercolour, oil and silver. There will be sculpture, canvasses and jewellery at a range of affordable prices, with 40% of all sales going directly to C.A.R.E (Campaign for Alzheimer's Research Europe).

C.A.R.E. is an international charity based in Wales which is driving forward Alzheimer’s research in Europe. We unite cutting edge medical researchers from across Europe who are working to find possible treatments, preventative measures and even a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. We also strive to inspire families, friends and carers of sufferers by keeping them informed about what is coming to be known about the disease, which affects 37,000 people in Wales and 750,000 in the UK. Alzheimer’s disease occurs in as many as 60% of all dementia cases .




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