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James Selway

James Selway was born and spent his childhood in a mountain village in South Wales and now lives and works in the Barcelona area of Spain. He studied art for three years at Swansea College of Art and later at Trinity College , Carmarthen. Following his studies he became the Head of a thriving art department at a London secondary school before solely concentrating on his painting.

Of his work , the Catalan art critic, Alberto Roca wrote : ´Observing his work, at the very first sight, we find much light, strength and impulsive energy. Also displayed is a freshness of form and the enormous vitality behind each of his paintings. His love of nature is emotionally expressed and light is a principal element in his work. Through his paintings he demonstrates his huge universe.'

His work is sought after by art collectors throughout Europe. From his base in Barcelona he travels throughout Spain, the South of France and into Italy in search of suitable subject matter for his work. However, he still holds a strong bond with his native Wales, returning at times to include aspects of his home country in his portfolio of work. The themes of his work are also wide-ranging and include landscapes and cityscapes, figures and natural forms, normally painted in oil, acrylic and watercolour. His work is admired and sought after by art collectors throughout Europe


James has exhibited extensively throughout Spain and the UK including holding one man exhibitions at the highly respected Spanish Academia de Belles Arts. Various notable European galleries mount regular exhibitions of his work while others consistently include examples of his paintings within their collection, including several in his native Wales.


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