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Elfyn Jones
Jones' work tends to express tension, anxiety and difficulty, and is hard to categorise as it is a combination of abstract, figurative, landscape and portraiture, and is a product of his experiences as a painter. He is not concerned with style and "would rather let the outcome of the work be the result of the process and ideas behind each individual piece." The pictures he paints are unique and the handling of the paint is always fluid and sure, lending the images a peculiar beauty whilst also allowing the viewer to feel some of the struggle they represent.

Previous Exhibitions   North Wales Open (First Prize Winner 2001).
Various one-man and group shows at the Hanover Gallery, Liverpool; Memorial Gallery, Yale College, Wrexham; Ogilvy and Estil Gallery, Conwy; Ectarc, Llangollen; Lampeter University; Black Sheep Gallery, Harwarden; Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea; Salford City Art Gallery; Wrexham Arts Centre; Glyn Vivien Gallery, Swansea; Wrexham Library.
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