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Kathryn Dodd
Kathryn Dodd makes paintings of haunting beauty. The graphic nature of the work gives Dodd a degree of compositional freedom, allowing her to produce some unusually striking arrangements and patterns, the likes of which a less adventurous artist could not even begin to formulate. But there is more here than mere pattern or sound technique: One must dig down between the layers, looking for half-hidden truths and hinted-at absences, to gain a sense of our spiritual and physical location, and a sense of the history on which we intrude when we cut through the superficial strata of our lives revealing the ancient core. Just as mark-making is ancient, so it's continuation brings us to the present and projects us beyond, reflecting the thread of humanity linking different times and lives.

Current Exhibitions
Previous Exhibitions

Dodd's work is currently at MOMA Wales, Machynlleth as part of 'Modern Art Wales'
December 2003 - Christmas Show - Fountain Gallery, Llandeilo
'One-Person' Shows: 2002 'Recent Paintings' - Oriel Llyfrgell Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales; 2003 Oriel Llyfu - Carmarthen; 2003 'The Blue Road/ Y Ffordd Glas' - Oriel Emrys Gallery, Haverfordwest. Many group ehibitions in Wales, London and the South.

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